Our Story

   We are Jeff and Gail Mattevi, owner of Mudd & Gilly’s Wine Company.  We are a small local business, over 30 years in the making…..  Well, at least the love story part of our family business.

   As a local musician and soundman and the daughter of an area photographer, we’ve lived, raised our family, and worked in the community our entire lives.  It has always been our personal mission to buy locally and support small business owners.  Now we are excited to join the small business community.

   All of our wine is created in our brand new facilities located in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  At the beginning of Summer 2018, we proudly made our first sales at the Tuscarawas Valley Farmers Market.  We started out small with only one flavor, ‘Fickle Mistress’, which was voted first place by family and friends.  This wine is a white cranberry with just the right amount of sweetness.  Proven to be everyone’s favorite flavor adventure.

  We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us.